Mayrise offers a complete range of asset management modules across the highways realm, designed to help you manage your asset better.

Designed with both managers and end users in mind, the modules are designed to help you provide the best service whilst maintaining cost and operational efficiencies.

The Mayrise modules are:

  • Highways
  • Street Works
  • Street Lighting
  • Waste Management
  • Grounds Maintenance

Explore the Mayrise modules below.

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Mayrise Street Lighting is used by Suffolk County Council to manage its stock of 85,000 Lighting Units and has helped win an award for Environmental Sustainability.


The cost effective way of managing your highways assets.

Mayrise Highways enables you to manage the end to end cycle of reactive maintenance from customer enquiry, through to inspection, works and completion.

Meet your legislative requirements and reduce claims by setting up routine inspection schedules as well as managing ad hoc inspections and public complaints. Built in logic simplifies the process and helps reduce duplication and wasted site visits.


Manage your customer enquiries with the CRM or integrate with your existing third party software via APIs. Manage and track enquiries through to inspection and works completion, improving your response times.

Embedded mapping allows you to visually plot your assets and ensure ease of locating defects in the field. Comprehensive financial models and reporting allow complete management tools for you to track performance across all aspects of maintenance.

Mayrise Highways Brochure




EToN compliance and a complete management solution.

Whether you are a highway authority, utility or traffic manager we have the tools for you to effectively manage your street works register, enabling operational efficiency and an appropriate, transparent service on the streets.

Powerful visualisation through integrated mapping and Gantt charts allows for easier works coordination saving you time and helping minimise disruption on your network. Configurable reporting allows you to report scorecards, you can go further and produce performance indicators and long term analysis considering data trends, to help you manage your processes and improve performance.

Mayrise Street Works Brochure

Works promoters can initiate, manage and track notices through their life-cycle to ensure compliance against regulations and allows reporting to show potential overruns. Full integration with third party software such as works ordering and CRM is facilitated through APIs and a hosting service is available to ensure you have the most effective solution for your needs.


The market leading dedicated solution for the management of street lighting

Developed specifically to save you time and increase operational efficiency managing lighting stock, Mayrise Street Lighting enables you to manage all aspects of your operation, from Inventory Management to Routine Maintenance and Electrical Testing, Night Scouting to Works Management.

Fully configurable, Mayrise Street Lighting can easily be tailored to suit your situation. The interface is designed to allow you to manage daily tasks simply, whilst ensuring errors are minimised and increasing efficiency. Built in mapping allows for simple visualisation of your stock, and a dedicated contractor module allows effective contractor management.

Mayrise Street Lighting Video

Financial and reporting modules are included to give you up-to-date information and performance management of your stock. A suite of API tools are available, allowing full integration with 3rd party tools such as CRM or Works Ordering Systems to enable management of complete processes.

Mayrise Street Lighting Brochure

Mayrise Waste Management

The complete package for helping you manage your refuse collection services effectively.

Mayrise Waste Management empowers efficient handling of enquiries, monitoring of performance and management of rounds, inspections and works orders, giving you the ability to efficiently manage all aspects of your waste operations.

Based on the NLPG, an inventory of both residential and trade bins is stored which combined with mapping and photos enables swift and more effective responses to customer enquiries. Create and manage your rounds with simple tools and mapping ensuring you have efficient routes in place.



A full suite of APIs are available to integrate with third party systems such as CRM, GIS and Contractor systems allowing for easy sharing of data and better transparency to your customers. Detailed reporting is available giving you management tools to produce performance indicators and monitor service delivery.
A mobile in-cab solution is available allowing site inspections to be undertaken and updated in real time, as well as reporting of incidents such as fly-tipping, improving your response times to enquiries and non-reported incidents.

Mayrise Waste Management Brochure


All the tools you need to improve the efficiency of your Grounds assets

Mayrise Ground Maintenance enables you to store complete inventory records, visually plot data in mapping and plan your works, helping to deliver greater efficiency in the way you work.

The Programme Manager allows you complete flexibility, interrogating your programme of works and allowing strategic planning and testing of different scenarios to deliver cost efficiencies. Inspection regimes can be scheduled and works issued to contractors and tracked.

Integrated mapping not only allows you the ability to visually represent your data but also accurately plot assets, ensuring you only pay for the exact areas requiring works. Historic works and enquiries are logged against assets, which in combination with powerful reporting gives you a flexible management tool.

Specific tree inventory can be managed down to species, genus and family, combined with inspections, defects and treatments gives you the flexibility to manage your tree stock effectively.

Mayrise Online


Reduce your reliance on internal IT by moving to a hosted service with Mayrise Online. All Mayrise modules can be hosted on our secure ISO27001 certified data centre. Over 60 organisations use the hosted solution, supporting over 450 users including those with mobile devices.

The data centre is fully certified to the latest security standards, which alongside backup procedures gives you the most robust way of storing your data. In addition we can monitor performance and ensure your database is configured to give you the best experience.

With a hosted service we take care of all your software updates out of hours and can help with system monitoring and undertake shadow training to ensure you get the most from the software.

Norfolk County Council Case Study


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