MARCHpms can help you get the most from your Pavement Condition data.

Accredited to the latest UKPMS standards, MARCHpms is developed to give you tools to deliver what you need, from reporting through to analysis.

The basics such as defining and updating your network and inputting your condition surveys have been developed with tools to help you at all stages and ensure the process is quick and robust. Many standard reports are configured simply to enable you to run compliant National Indicators for the Single Data List or Gross and Depreciated Replacement Costs for your L-Pack submissions.

When it comes to understanding your condition data further and creating maintenance schemes, automatic and custom processing is available, enabling you to carry out a wide range of analyses. Over 200 reports are available, which along with the built-in mapping helps you display and understand your data.

Being a standalone system, MARCHpms has been developed with you in mind taking into account everything a Pavement Management System should facilitate and ensuring you deliver the best value from your condition data.

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