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Transform your Asset Management using Yotta's expertise.

Asset Management ensures Infrastructure Assets are maintained at the most appropriate service level and delivering value for money. Whilst Pavements make up the largest percentage in terms of value, Asset Management is a strategic approach which considers all asset types and helps you plan forwards investment to deliver a given service level at the best possible value for money.

Life-cycle modelling is a key element in Asset Management which considers the most effective treatment for an asset at the appropriate time, to provide the lowest cost over the whole life of the asset. Deterioration modelling and predictive analysis are required to enable this, and Yotta consultants are expert in the use of Horizons to help you apply this approach.

Whilst Asset Management requires data analysis and systems, successful implementation requires a far wider context to be considered, including policies, strategies, processes and organisational structure.

Leading the way in data driven Asset Management, Yotta provides a wide range of services and consultancy which fit with current best practice guidelines from basic valuations through to whole system reviews and updates to policy and strategy.

We can work with you and all your stakeholders to help make the right steps forwards, implementing Asset Management and helping you realise the benefits it will bring.

Our services:

Professional Services Brochure
  • WGA valuations (GRC and DRC)
  • Organisational gap analysis
  • Policy review and authoring
  • Strategy review and authoring
  • Operational plan review and authoring
  • Process review
  • System review and implementation
  • Data analysis
  • Life cycle modelling
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Investment planning
  • Training


Get the most value from your data and utilise in planning treatments and maintenance across your entire network.

Pavement management is the planning of maintenance activities on pavement assets such as carriageway and footway. Yotta are leaders in collecting pavement condition data and Pavement Management software so have years of expertise to offer you advice, support and services to meet your needs.

Yotta’s team of Consultants are experienced in all types of Pavement Condition data and its analysis and can work with you to ensure you get the most value from your data and utilise it in planning the most effective treatments and maintenance activities across your whole network.

We can undertake any size of role from basic data analysis through to providing a fully managed service such as network and system hosting, data analysis, reporting and recommendations.

Whatever your requirements, Yotta will work with you proactively to understand your goals and enable these to be met as cost effectively as possible.

Our services:

  • Software Hosting
  • Network Management and Updating
  • National Indicator Reporting
  • Data Analysis
  • GIS Outputs
  • Treatment Recommendations
  • Managed Service
  • Training

Skid Resistance Consultancy

Improve safety on your network by using the data to better identify risks and prioritise treatments.

Collecting Skid Resistance data is a starting point, but it is the application within decision making that helps improve safety. Yotta has a team of consultants who give you a dedicated service to make the most of your data, efficiently identifying the risks and prioritising treatments.

Whether you need help to develop a Skid Policy from new or revisit your existing policy, we can provide the expert knowledge. We can work with your highways management and road safety teams to develop a locally relevant Skid Resistance Strategy, define or review Investigatory Levels and undertake a risk analysis of the network. We can help you update existing policies and site categories to bring your Skid Resistance Policy up to date.

Using our Horizons Software we can analyse and map the data from skid resistance surveys, combining the survey data with other information, including SCANNER texture depth, accident records and inventory data. This helps fit safety into your wider asset management strategy, whilst ensuring clear and visual reports are produced to help facilitate your decision making.



“It is so much quicker to identify potential schemes using the system than relying on conventional UKPMS outputs and feedback from inspector site visits alone. For example, we were able analyse and identify 21 schemes for 2013 to 2014 with an expected budget of £1.1 million and 37 schemes if the budget were increased to £1.2 million in a very short time.– in fact we were able to do it during our day’s training using Horizons and Yotta support. Manually, it would have taken weeks to complete this work.”

Iolo Jones, Senior Asset Engineer

Read our Anglesey Case Study

Horizons gives us more transparency by actually showing us what the priorities should be based on accurate data.

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