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Transform your Asset Management using Yotta's expertise.

Asset Management ensures Infrastructure Assets are maintained at the most appropriate service level and delivering value for money. Whilst Pavements make up the largest percentage in terms of value, Asset Management is a strategic approach which considers all asset types and helps you plan forwards investment to deliver a given service level at the best possible value for money.

Life-cycle modelling is a key element in Asset Management which considers the most effective treatment for an asset at the appropriate time, to provide the lowest cost over the whole life of the asset. Deterioration modelling and predictive analysis are required to enable this, and Yotta consultants are expert in the use of Horizons to help you apply this approach.

Whilst Asset Management requires data analysis and systems, successful implementation requires a far wider context to be considered, including policies, strategies, processes and organisational structure.

Leading the way in data driven Asset Management, Yotta provides a wide range of services and consultancy which fit with current best practice guidelines from basic valuations through to whole system reviews and updates to policy and strategy.

We can work with you and all your stakeholders to help make the right steps forwards, implementing Asset Management and helping you realise the benefits it will bring.

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