30 September 2015

A new job, new industry and a new perspective

I joined Yotta in the middle of June, coming from an education background. Since then it has been a crash course in everything highways and asset management. Leaving a profession congested with acronyms, I somehow managed to enter one with a plethora of its own. Having to quickly get to grips with what RCI, HRA, […]

25 August 2015

Are you an Engineer, or a Data Manager?

For anyone in Highways Civil or Electrical Engineering over the age of 30, when you joined the profession it was all about the technical discipline. You could recite bituminous mixture specifications in your sleep, or could wax lyrical on the difference between luminance and illuminance. Maintenance of the asset was a simple job. If something […]

27 July 2015

Unlocking the Incentive Fund

For several years now, there has been a growing movement from the Department for Transport (DFT) to encourage local authorities to adopt sound asset management practices. The Highways Maintenance Efficiency Programme has provided substantial direction to help local authorities in this endeavor including the Highway Infrastructure Asset Management Guidance. The next step in this asset […]

24 June 2015

Adopting Software for Your Team

Adopting a new piece of software into your team’s workflow may seem straightforward. You select software that’s a great fit for a business need and make sure that team members are trained on the new software. In asset management, this often involves training in-field and planning staff on speciality asset management software. However, while team […]

29 May 2015

Surveying Catch-22

Since joining the Highways industry almost 8 years ago, little has changed in the area of pavement surveys. Clearly, surveys such as SCANNER, CVI and DVI are aimed at delivering a consistent approach year on year, enabling comparisons to be made and the accreditation process in place for these surveys to be designed to deliver […]

28 April 2015

Permit schemes explained

As of 2015, highways authorities in England wishing to introduce a permit scheme will no longer need the Secretary of State’s approval. Changes to the 2004 Traffic Management Act and 2007 Permit Scheme Regulations, places the onus on the authority to demonstrate their proposed scheme complies with existing legislation. As the authority itself will be […]

26 March 2015

What is risk based asset management?

The Highways sector in the UK has seen a great adoption of asset management practices in the last 5 years through programmes such as Financial Valuation under the CIPFA guidelines and the Highways Maintenance Efficiency Programme (HMEP). These programmes have helped move our Local Authorities on into considering longer term strategies for the maintenance of […]

18 February 2015

How important is transport infrastructure asset management?

The underinvestment into the UK’s road and transport infrastructure has been increasingly under the spotlight over recent years. The World Economic Forum ranks the UK 28th in the world for the quality of its road infrastructure. In order to remain competitive internationally, the UK must invest not only in new infrastructure, but also maintain the […]

10 February 2015

Welcome to the Yotta Blog!

The Yotta team are excited to unveil our brand new blog page. Every month, we will post blogs about current issues and trends in infrastructure asset management. We will aim to provide readers with fresh content which relates to current government policy, industry movements and real life examples of actions national and local authorities are […]

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