04 July 2018

Great UX and David Beckham

Does powerful software need to be difficult or dull to use? I love to see demos of our software to prospective users, particularly when they are seeing Alloy or Horizons for the first time. There’s nothing quite like watching their reaction as they move from natural scepticism to delight at what they are being shown. In […]

27 June 2018

Asset Management Key to Better Business Outcomes

By John Proust – Infrastructure Management Consultant at Yotta Done badly, asset management can be nothing more than a generator of fluff, jargon, and useless paperwork. Done well, it cuts through all of that, providing a clear focus on what is important, and a practical structure for truly useful ways of working to achieve value […]

26 April 2018

Upgrade yesterday’s infrastructure with tomorrow’s technology

Strain on ageing infrastructure from increasing population and “crazy weather” must be tackled head-on with mechanical sensors and not just outdated manual surveys, an expert has said. Perched on a stool in a bustling Olympia exhibition centre in London, Manish Jethwa from asset management firm Yotta stressed the benefits that Internet of Things technology can […]

26 March 2018

“Getting Ready for the Summer” – How Councils Can Navigate the Complex World of Green Spaces

Despite further warnings about the return of ‘the Beast from the East’, winter is officially over. Now is the time infrastructure asset managers from councils across the UK start springing into action and preparing for summer. One of their primary focus areas is on green spaces. Councils are preparing for the influx of families into […]

20 February 2018

Street Cleansing – How a Joined-up Service Offering Drives Council Efficiencies

Overflowing litter bins in parks; pavements strewn with rubbish; fly tips by the side of the road: all issues that if not quickly addressed, can negatively impact not just the environment in which people live but also their quality of life. That’s why street cleansing is among the most important services local authorities deliver today. […]

10 January 2018

How IoT Can Drive a Smarter Approach to Infrastructure Asset Management

The UK highways sector is driven by technology advancements. The evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT) has led to the emergence of connected asset management. Local authorities increasingly appreciate the importance of harnessing data to shape their strategic approach and the need to make investment decisions based on up-to-date and accurate information. The new […]

18 December 2017

Street Lights – How Councils Can Ensure they’re in Control

Whenever I think of street lights, my mind conjures up those NASA images of the Earth captured from outer space – the glittering illuminations of cityscapes, pictured at night against the dark blue and black of land and sea. These are beautiful images but they also highlight a serious issue for the planet: the problem […]

16 November 2017

Helping Councils get the Most from their Assets

Today, the landscape of infrastructure asset management is shifting. Government cuts are biting and councils need to do more with less. As budgets continue to tighten, local authorities are having to downsize and cut staffing levels. Highways departments are finding it difficult to retain skilled and experienced employees and with recruitment plans often on hold, […]

19 October 2017

Cleaning up the Growing Waste Complaints Issue in Real Time

Waste issues have been high up on the national news agenda this year, with the three-month Birmingham refuse worker strike and ongoing controversy over the regularity of some collections hitting the headlines. However, concerns with waste collection go beyond the purely local, and specific kinds of collections. A recent poll carried out by Yotta revealing […]

28 September 2017

Lane Rental: Plotting a Route to Long-term Success

In my role as product consultant at Yotta, I’m actively engaged with a range of topics that impact local authorities across the country every day. It’s fair to say that the issue of road works, and the need to manage them more efficiently to reduce congestion and keep traffic flowing, is one of the most […]

31 July 2017

The Changing Face of Infrastructure Asset Management

Over recent years, we have seen a sea change in expectations around how people and the businesses they work for should interact with data and systems; how software should look and feel and how it should help us. The clarion calls for more data, more integration and more innovation are getting louder and louder all […]

30 June 2017

Connectivity and Automation

I recently went for my first spin in an automated vehicle – err, partially automated, that is. As the passenger in a Tesla Model S, I looked on as the driver engaged two separate advanced driver assistance systems that work in tandem: one system keeps the car in our lane, and the other maintains a […]

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