19 October 2017

Cleaning up the growing waste complaints issue in real time

Waste issues have been high up on the national news agenda this year, with the three-month Birmingham refuse worker strike and ongoing controversy over the regularity of some collections hitting the headlines. However, concerns with waste collection go beyond the purely local, and specific kinds of collections. A recent poll carried out by Yotta revealing […]

28 September 2017

Lane Rental: Plotting a Route to Long-term Success

In my role as product consultant at Yotta, I’m actively engaged with a range of topics that impact local authorities across the country every day. It’s fair to say that the issue of road works, and the need to manage them more efficiently to reduce congestion and keep traffic flowing, is one of the most […]

31 July 2017

The Changing Face of Infrastructure Asset Management

Over recent years, we have seen a sea change in expectations around how people and the businesses they work for should interact with data and systems; how software should look and feel and how it should help us. The clarion calls for more data, more integration and more innovation are getting louder and louder all […]

30 June 2017

Connectivity and Automation

I recently went for my first spin in an automated vehicle – err, partially automated, that is. As the passenger in a Tesla Model S, I looked on as the driver engaged two separate advanced driver assistance systems that work in tandem: one system keeps the car in our lane, and the other maintains a […]

31 May 2017

Not resting on your laurels

Joseph Bazalgette was, in my opinion, an amazing engineer and a visionary. If you don’t know who he is, let me elucidate. In the 1800s, London’s raw sewage flowed through the streets and into the Thames creating unsanitary living conditions for the poor and a terrible smell for everyone. Bazalgette was the man who designed […]

27 April 2017

What do users really think about your software?

My journey in the tech industry came from a combined interest in learning to code, and my lifelong passion for writing. While writing comes naturally to me, design regrettably does not. Nonetheless, this journey has led me into the world of design through the eyes of a user. More specifically, I’ve found myself involved in […]

22 March 2017

Future of the Mobile World

I work for Yotta as a Mobile Applications Developer, creating Asset Management Software for mobile devices. When you make software for mobile devices you need to be extra careful, and consider many factors like battery life, processing power, offline functionality, and the use of limited resources. However, year after year, month after month, there are […]

30 November 2016

What Motivates You?

I work in Yotta’s Professional Services Team as a Consultant supporting local authorities achieve best practice in Asset Management. My background of working in a local authority has given me experience in the difficulties that face our local councils. Two years ago, I started my Masters in Highway Engineering Management at Brighton University and now […]

27 October 2016

Perspectives of quality

Whilst working within Local Government, the Asset Management team sought partners to undertake surveys, to supply asset management software and to provide consultancy services; nothing extraordinary, so why on many occasions were Yotta the provider of choice? The decisions to engage providers took into account not only the price of products and services but importantly, also […]

30 September 2016

Team Tools and Jedi Mind Tricks

Software Development Manager, I am. Experiences to share, I have. Over the last 6 years I have seen Yotta’s development team change from a traditional waterfall driven, desktop client focused sweatshop, to a sleek and sophisticated service and web based software provider for infrastructure asset management (managed to fit all the buzzwords in that powerhouse of […]

25 August 2016

Travelling the length and breadth of the country – without leaving the office chair

Last week my pub quiz team won the quiz for the first time by one question. I will ask you this question now and at the end of the blog I will tell you the answer. What is the colour of a road stud on the right edge of a motorway or dual carriageway? I […]

21 July 2016

Attaining “Social Value” in Highways Procurement

I have been the Surveying Account Manager for Yotta for the past 18 months having originally joined the company over 4 years ago as a Highways Surveyor.  In my time at the company, my role has developed from delivery of our Asset Inventory video surveys to the day to day contract and account management of […]

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